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Monday, January 24, 2011


According to the Headquarters of Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) baby dumping means that the acts of leaving away the babies at any places without taking care of the babies. Similary with Prof Dr. Harlina Siraj says baby dumping is a social crisis and has a cronic increase as many cases are occuring in Malaysian society.

The baby dumping refers to discarding or leaving alone, for an extended period of time, a child younger than 12 month of age in a public or private setting with the intent to dispose of the child. It is a crime which  happens when close proximity is commited between a guy and a women and resulted in unwanted baby.

The baby dumping issue arise when the woman had her unplanned pregnancy and been pressured by the question about the status of the child. Beside they may feel that they are not yet ready for his responsibility. In terms of tradition”, young women fear rejection by their parents and the community if they are found to have had a baby outside of marriage. This tradition will absolutely increase the cases of baby dumping. Pregnant women that are rejected by their boyfriends, who may even deny being in any relationship with the woman and the child may then dump the baby because she fears that she will be unable to look after the child alone, or to afford the child’s maintenance. In conjunction prostitution also will cause baby dumping

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